Ca Pasquali Village - Reception & Offices

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Reception and offices in Cà Pasquali Holiday village, Cavallino Venice Italy.

Architectural Project, final design and supervision of works for the construction of new reception and offices throw the demolition and reconstruction, the bundling, of tree existing volumes.The reception is at the end of a pine forest, 30 meters from the beach, rather than see a constructed object with a regular shape, we preferred that visitor discovers, at the end of the pine forest, the white outline of something that remembers to have arrived at the sea. After the bow stretches the body of the building, on two floors, all glass, which supports a large canopy made ??of 200 m2 of photovoltaic panels, with the functions of the portal entrance to the resort.
Preliminary Design: 2010
Design development: 2012
Construction: 2013-14
Floor area: 500 m2 
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